Valentine Pail Tutorial with pattern

I thought I'd share this quick little craft with all of you! Should take between 30min to 1 hr. per pail depending on your design and stitching abilities. The template has the supply list and diagram of pattern placement.

  1. Print out this template (also embedded down below) and arrange pieces to be traced onto felt and cut them out. Instead of using regular scissors try pinking scissors for a different look on the top edge of the pail.

  2. Once cut out, create your surface design on each of the sides. Keep in mind that if you stitch things onto your felt, the bobbin thread will show on the back since this is not lined. I prefer to glue the design on. I've used pre-cut felt hearts , rick-rack, green felt and a button for the design but this doesn't have to be a valentine pail, it could work for any special holiday. I have also added a little more detail by stitching on the leaves.

  3. Using 3 strands of embroidery floss, stitch one side of the pail together using a whip stitch or a blanket stitch.

  4. Take your bottom circle and beginning on either end of the pail start stitching the bottom on like you did the side until you've gone all the way around the circle. Don't worry if it feels a little funny at first, just keep turning the circle as you go!

  5. Then stitch up the remaining side.

  6. You can now add a decorative stitch around the top of the bag.
    Let me know how it turns out!
    Valentine Pail Tutorial