Erin Condren WAREHOUSE SALE! | What I bought!!

Erin Condren's Summer Warehouse sale is going on and in full disclosure I wanted to show you what I got and why!

I've been waiting for these Metallic Tabs to go back in stock and now they are on clearance!  My sole intention is to get these for my petite planner to divide up my lined journal into sections! #yeah
I think these, again are going to be helpful when I divide up a new dot grid journal into sections so I can keep running lists for each month!

I couldn't help but by this for my Black Folio for the upcoming fall season!  Plus it is our school colors so why not!!

I also have a turquoise petite folio cover and I thought a monochromatic look would look smashing!


Then I bought ALLLL theunctional stickers for my Petite planner. I didn't put all the pictures here just because you'd have to scroll down for DAAAYYYSS. There are  a LOT! But I thought $1.75 for two sticker sheets?!?  Giddy up! #nobrainer

Yes, I have enough washi but I love the way it turns from this blue to the pink mid century circles!

I am totally intrigued by these mini calendars.   I know we spend 30 seconds every week covering them up in our weekly view but there are always times where I NEED a calendar in a certain place and I don't have one.  So there you go! 

I've never seen wet erase markers in these colors so I thought I'd pick them up!

 Because I bought a teacher planner too:(  I thought these would be great for holding all the stuff together especially chunks of the the planner I am not using right at that moment!

I've never tried these for easy access for the week.  I chose these over the woven wonder ones because the colors but, honestly I don't know If I'll use them :)

So there you go.... I spent about $50 bucks and added on a teacher planner, 2 folios (black and charcoal)  and a petite book.. this one.

I am totally intrigued since I have always struggled with just this statement.  I'm not sure if it's for kids or adults but by golly, I will let you know about this Kindness Campaign collaboration with Erin Condren!

Thanks for stopping by today!!