Master Template | the all purpose template for all size planners

So I created the perfect template to ensure you are set for setting up your planners on the go! 

 A lot of time I want to grab my kit and hit the road and craft when I'm on vacation or just at the coffee shop just down the road.  But then I have to get my paper's out, cut then down to size, package everything back up and then head out the door. Hopefully this will solve not just mine but your set up conundrum as well!

Master Template
Everysize is measured from the bottom right corner and as long as you line that up on any piece of paper in any orientation, you will have perfectly sized and straight planner dashboards, dividers and insert covers!

You can CLICK on the image above to have an instant download OR Go to the FREE TEMPLATES section of my website to see this and all the other templates that I have done for you!

If I didn't include your size planner, leave a comment below and I will get one done for you too!
Enjoy and I hope that you love it!