Whole Body Wellness Planner | Setup of my NEW Erin Condren Life Planner

**Here is the You Tube Video Setup where I explain how I set it up but if you'd prefer to read, the blog post is below!

I spent yesterday moving into my Luxe 18 mo. Erin Condren Life Planner to set it up as a wellness planner. Yes I will be tracking my exercise and weight but there's so much more to our bodies than those 2 things!

 I've taken the blank boxes and dedicated each month to a certain aspect of my health and well-being. By targeting those focus areas, I feel like I will be come a better version of the me than I've allowed myself to become after 43 years. 

By knowing the areas in my body which I've neglected, I'm better able to breakdown each month and generate ideas on how best to improve that area of mine.  These of course are just lists that may or may not make it into the final cut, but it is a great jumping off point!

The monthly dashboard view is all set up and ready with tracking, weigh in and monthly goals.  In the intended birthday box, I will print out a picture of me so I can see the progress I will make over the next 12 months.

In the bottom dot grid section, I've set up 3 trackers.  By breaking them down by day and the week, I can see where my better and trouble spots are during the month.

On the opposite side, I've chosen one photo on the facing page which encompass the intention of the month.  A lot of times vision boards for me are too cluttered.  This one, which my chosen words on the bottom make a very chic and minimal impact on my monthly focus.

As we turn to the monthly view, I break down the monthly focus with colored hexagons.  During the month the colored hexagons will be an indication of those things and which day I will do them.  At the bottom I did add a budget sticker to make sure I do not overspend 

Now for my weekly vertical view, I've tentatively sectioned out the three main day boxes into Breakfast / Lunch, Snacks / Dinner and the bottom will be for exercise completion.  Top top rounded header box will be a day rating scaled 1-3 for a reward system in place which I'll show you another time :) and the bottom header will be steps and miles walked and three lines for journaling, my mood count or just a simple motivating quote!

I'd also encourage you to use the hashtag #wecanplanwellness so we can all encourage each other and inspire each other in planning our Wellness Journey!

Stay tuned for more #wecanplanwellness updates! http://www.instagram.com/krodesigns

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