* NEW * Back to School Collection by Erin Condren

The New Back to School Collection by Erin Condren is just what I needed to give me that final push to put the final touches on my office space.  While I am a long term substitute teacher and bring some parts of this collection to work with me, the majority of it will stay home in my creative space.

If you want to skip right to the unboxing and installation video, I'll link it right here.  Otherwise you can read and see all about it here!

It's hard to start off with a favorite but these little gold bookmarks are certainly one of my favorites from the collection.  I love how heavy they are for one thing. And because of that and how tight they are, once you put them in place they are NOT going anywhere.  I like it when the page flops right to your spot because of the weight of these page holders.  Now they don't work with just slipping a piece of paper under them and moving on, they are better for long term archiving of pages.

And in that same paper chip genre there are several gold and rose gold options for these diamond paper clips.  Now I know we probably already have several decorative paperclips that work already but these are special because of the diamond shape.  Because there are many turn of the metal, you can either use it a just a regular clip or if you put it under 2 of the diamond rings, it becomes a TAB!!! Now I can just look for the paper clip sticking out just slightly and know where my place is!

These Gemtone push pins are clear squares with a colored ball inside.  They are definitely made for attention to detail because the face of the push pin has a diagonal line for added detail.

And I'm kind of obsessed about the way they can be stored. It has a retractable hook handle to store the ones I'm not using at the time on my peg board!

The gold memo board had 4 very strong magnets on each corner, so putting it on my galvanized metal sign is a great way to add it too my wall.  BTW it's cheaper than hanging it with command strips too!

On the right you'll see a Notepad with has a very sturdy colorful chipboard backing and top.  It is perforated down the side where the list section is AND perforated on top.  FANTASTIC addition to my home management system where everyone knows when and when to be and a place to write down their suggestions for groceries.

I can't look past this other fine addition, the desk calendar.  I made mine into a wall calendar because I like my work surface to be quite sparse but this one is perfect right above my desk.  Every month is a metalic color corresponding to the primary life planner color and I love the way it shimmers in the sunshine.  Makes my heart happy! ( there is a picture of it filled out at the top of this blog post)

I love this acrylic ruler!!! The font is perfect and it sure will come in handy when measuring with the kids at school. 

And then there is the 4 piece desk accessories collection.  It comes with a file folder holder ( where I am storing my 2020 inserts and extra bound notebooks), a pen holder , a catch all for sticky notes and extra bits and an horizontal inbox for papers!

Thanks for stopping by again!  Don't forget to watch the video too!

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