* NEW * Erin Condren Planner TOTE

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Can I just talk about this tote for a minute...  I wasn't 100% sold on this bag because, really, who needs another tote bag, right?!  Well in this You Tube video I talk about why I got it and gave it an honest and (very) throughout review. 

If you are at work, and can't watch you can certain read and see the pictures I've got if you keep scrolling!!

 Let's start with the exterior. I chose the navy canvas although there are 2 other faux leather ones as well. There is faux leather accents everywhere to elevate it from your just basic tote.  The plastic edge covering on the leather is just a testament to the attention to detail Erin Condren is known for.

The strap which measures 2 in wide, is quite heavy from it's gold hardware but I'm sure it is absolutely durable!  You can customize which of the 3 color ways, this one is classic, another one is pastel and the last is sorbet.  I chose the classic, red white, beige and blue version.

Let's dive deep with the interior elastic pocket.  Although I 'm scared to death of putting any liquids near my planner and supplies, my 20oz Yeti fits with room to spare.  You can also put your (dry) umbrella or pen case in there for easy access.

It does have 2 more pockets of 6 inches deep, one is 4.5 inches wide and the other 2.5 inches.  I've got my sunglasses in one and my laptop cord in the other.  Obviously you can hold a hole host of different things in these two pockets, although I kinda wish there was an interior zipper pocket though.

There are 2 zipper pockets on the exterior through.  I tried both my spiral bound and my EC Binder.  The 13 inch deep pockets fit the spiral bound with ease, although topping off at 12 inches wide the binder was a little snug to try to jam it in the pocket.

Now I tried several different arrangements of planner and life supplies to see what configuration I preferred the best.  It does hold all three of my EC planners, my binder punch, pen pouch and sanitary items.

If I take out my on-the-go folio, I could then add my laptop to a zipper pocket and my Yeti to the interior.  Unfortunately, I can't fit the whole kitchen sink, but I do think that it will hold just enough of my teacher supplies that I will be in business when back to school starts!

Navy Canvas Planner Tote

Thanks for stopping by again!  Don't forget to watch the vid after work or just go ahead and snag one of these canvas beauties!

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