2020 PowerSheets | Video and Review

 The 2020 PowerSheets are Here!  on October 16th at 10 AM est.  Cultivate What Matters launches!

Now if you are new to PowerSheets or aren't very familiar with them, they are a proven scientific goal setting success sheets. She has developed them from the ground up for 9 year and having the strongest year yet!

I was lucky enough to snag it and all the accessories before launch day so I could show you first hand how beautiful they really are!

 The exterior touches include a linen cover.  I choose mine in pink, but the others include Blooms, Teal, and Confetti. This year the tabs are more sturdy (and pretty) with a touch of gold in the lettering and a thin piece of lamination on the top to protect it the whole year! :Let's also not forget the corner brackets that will keep you PowerSheets protected as well!

Another interesting thing she and put together is a guide on what cover you could choose for the area of focus you'd like to goal plan for.  I didn't see this until after I ordered but I can tell you that it is spot on with my intentional goal this year!

This year also add two new fantastic editions.  The first being a gold coil.  It's a wire-o bound planner, so you could technically change out the cover because it is super easy to do but it also is much easier to add pages to it as well!  The other great edition is the inside pocket.  Now it is too shallow for the goal planner sticker book, but it would hold you wildcard packs and the weekly sticky notepad!

There is also copious amounts of gold foil, either on the pages and definitely on the dividers!

Along with the PowerSheets, there are several accessories that I would love to share about.  The first being the Accessories pouch.  I chose mine in blooms but there is also teal and green. This pouch measures 7 inches by 9 and made of very sturdy water proof fabric. It has very sturdy hardware as well as interior lining that pulls out fully to make sure all the crumb get out of our bags!

Washi Tape is ALWAYS a hit!  The set of 5 makes a great way to add in those extra pages or just add a bit of flair to the months.

Honestly, what I love about Cultivate What Matters is the positive attitude displayed throughout the planner and all their products.  They really want to see you make your goal and live your life better than you did before.  If they met us personally, they would hug us, console us, and most definitely encourage us every step of the way!

Now here is the video flipping through every single page of the PowerSheets.  I did do a separate video highlighting all the accessories and I will also get that one out to you as soon as I can!

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