PowerSheet Prep Pages | My October-December Plan of Action

With 2019 closing in on me I want to get a jump start on 2020 PowerSheets. With current tending lists, the kids football schedule and my own full time teacher job, I know I'm going to have a ton of time in large chunks to work on my PowerSheets Prep Pages during the schedule week (December 9th) that Lara and her staff have set aside to help guide us with these pages.

With all that in mind, I really wanted to map out specifically those days in my life where I had devoted PST (my own way of saying PowerSheets Time).  What I did may not shock you if you a devotee of my blogs or You Tube channel.... I created two calendars November and December using the May and March 2020 Calendars from the planner.  All I did was slit between each of the coils, removed those months, photocopies those May and March, and inserted them right back into the planner with no issue.  It's that simple.  Let me show you how they turned out!

Here is November.  I did white out the "May 2020" and put heart stickers on the page numbers but I think it turned out great!  I did reinforce the bound side with the Tending washi tape before I used a 1/4 inch whole punch to punch the binding holes. This not only aids in it staying in my planner, it also makes it a nice decorative touch.

On the back side of each calendar page, I did use the New Gift wrap to back those pages so they weren't just white. The gift wrap really is beautiful with all it's gold and who doesn't love some color!  I could have left each backside nonfunctional, but I did add a 3.5 inch high pocket to add some of my WildCard Page Pack sheets to and I also added a peptalk postcard by slitting the paper just an inch to insert the corners of the card.  That way I can interchange them as the months move along:)

Now I do have two weeks in October that I didn't want to devote a whole calendar to so I used the Weekly Sticky Note pad to write out my first two weeks of prep work.  I thought these would work great because they have a great top three section near the top where I can write the major pages where I need to focus on more than one day too.  It definitely keeps those pages front and center!

December worked out just as lovely, but I want to focus only on writing the goals I've prepped for in this month.  I've spread them out so I would work on each goal writing page for 2 days and then move on to the next.  Thankfully I will be done writing before the holidays!  BTW... I really enjoy the Erin Condren Petite Planner functional stickers in the PowerSheets.  Not only do the colors go so well, the sizes line up very well!

Let me close by saying this:  PowerSheets in more than just a planner that helps you achieve whatever goal you have for yourself.  I really is a tool to change your mindset and focus!

Below is the video I did on adding months and my prep schedule, so feel free to click on that if it interests you!

I've also come to enjoy Lara's Podcast !  She talks about all things Goal Oriented, the good and the bad and everything in between about how to make those positive steps forward toward a better life!

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