2023 PowerSheets Season By Season Daily Planner

I'm going to be reviewing the Daily Planner put out by Cultivate What Matters who also has done the PowerSheets and the 90 Day PowerSheets , so they are getting into the daily game and I am so thankful they are. 
 It does have this hardback cover and the corner boards and it does have a very large ring. And the only concern I have with that is if you use stickers every single day, it would build bulk up quite a bit on to this ring, have trouble turning, which we'll get to in a second. 

 Sometimes it's nice to get those prompts to kind of get those juices flowing, so to speak. This one starts on December 26, so you can start planning right away prior to the first of the year, the last week of the holidays. My favorite other favorite part about this is I love this, my upcoming week. So you can actually near the end of the week like Wednesday, Thursday,  start shifting some things to the next week. This is a great place to note that and then feel ready for the coming week! These are the brainstorming, the action steps which are in these two planners as well.  

What matters most this week? And then what am I saying yes to? Obviously the prompts really get a lot of things going as far as goals and action plans related to our goals. These isn't much in the way of goal planning since this is supposed to be used in conjunction with the Flagship PowerSheets or the Undated 90 day Powersheets.

I do enjoy the live daily page. The fact that you've got from 5 to 11, it's a very long span of time,. The To-Do lists are spaced quite a ways apart. So you could probably have gotten in more in the design process for those. But in actuality, am I going to get all of those tasks done? Probably not. 

Tend to my goals, express gratitude and encourage some wanting someone: These are the daily prompts every single day throughout the entire year you'll have this little corner down here and then always reflection, they say, is reflection always helps with transformation. 

If you'd like more about this review please visit the You Tube video or check out the link to order! Check out this Daily Planner!

See you next time!

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