Bird Cage Tag with Vellum 'Ribbon'


I used the packaging from Cocoa Daisy Kit ,you know I love to do that. And I cut out this scallop shaped tag from that. I'm going to make a birdcage. So I did outline the edge with a thicker marker followed by a thinner one marker. Now, I did have to use permanent ink because it does have a sheen to it. 

I bet you guys didn't know you could make your own rub ons. I used the digital files from the Paperie kit and made rub on. I'll do that in a different video.  I added some of the birdcage 'wire' on the top, added a couple stickers. Now for the tassel , I just took a piece of vellum, cut it into a tiny strip. To finish it off,  I wrote all of my family members names on the birdcage wire on the top.