Monthly Review in Your Planner


I think a lot of us, me included, save our planner pages each month so that we have a collection of all the events and activities that shaped our year.   Well why not a monthly review of all the other things that we have interest in throughout the month to add to our little time capsule.  Here is a quick snippit of how I put it together:

As we begin with the outside cover,  I've added the micro from the Bookish Planner Add On on each of  the tags on the inside of the Main Planner Kit papers.  This way I have some journalling prompts to guide my memories as the month unfolds.

While I love the bold look of the sticky notes, I did paste over with other cut ones, covering up the today writing on top to make my own headers for each of the sections. It made space just enough not to get overwelmed by the amount to write on certain topics and placed at an angle it looks whimsical too.

Cocoa Daisy kits do encompass all types of life circumstances because it's not all sunshine although we wish it to be. It is okay to write about the things that are troubling us too.  Just like a protagonist in a great novel, a little human drama is to be expected. 

I'm playing with paper size which is a good way to add a little visual interest too.  I took out a sheet, cut it on the fold line and created a stapled tip in type by just folding it 1/3 of the way across.

Enjoy your March Memories!