Fun Vs. Functional Weekly Layouts


There are so many ways to approach planning. I like to divide the major ways to plan into fun layouts vs. functional.  Each one can easily be constructed using the same types of elements in the CD Planner kit. Sometimes we have to think of the way we use the kit to achieve the outcome we want.

Take for instance the circle stickers, a staple from the planner sicker kit.  Instead of just writing just the activity on the sticker, I just added a dotted or straight line and now I have a tennis or volleyball.

Additionally even tho the heart checklist box is for 4 items, I just chopped mine for 2.  Don't forget to rotate your stickers-they were designed to go horizontally across the column but we can turn them vertically for a narrow space filler as well.

On the other hand, functional layouts are a little easier to do because they are more linear in nature.  Activities and columns without blurring the lines between them normally add more structure to a planner layout. Also adding clear washi strips from the Planner Sticker Kit helps define the space across each column as well.

Making the best use of the space for either type of layout is always how I approach each week. Light, heavy, busy or on vacation, Cocoa Daisy's kit flexibility has got you covered both fun and functionally!